“Health is a vital part of the life to a better future. With good health, we can give proper attention on work, be productive at work, care for our families and contribute to strong society. Poverty increases the chances of poor health. Good Health is a fundamental right of all human being.”

Pragati Sarv Kalyan Samiti (PSKS) organizes awareness & motivational community based programs on various issues of health and hygiene by involving youth and students because they are the best messengers to carry the message to their family.  We are specially focus on malnutrition, maternal health, HIV/AIDS, maintain hygiene during  menstruation cycle, women health issue and other disease like diarrhea, Typhoid, Dengue etc. Under the rural women health program, we are focusing to avoid the uses of Chulha smoke therefore women and child suffer in a number of ways. Water and sanitation food and well ventilated home, over half the disease and premature death can be avoided in our country.
We are working through local hospitals, clinics and other health center to provide proper information and education to community health workers for a stronger health care system in our country.


  •  Pragati Sarv Kalyan Samiti (PSKS) is working with 30 existing structures of primary schools and colleges of district – Lucknow and Unnao. During this period we have covered about 1000 students for learning about poor hygiene and poor sanitation and poor nutrition. 15 Group of poor girl students has been formed to distribute sanitary napkin for improving their menstrual hygiene, which is not afforded due to lack of money.
  • 40 medical checkup camps have been organized by the society at different villages of district-Lucknow to aware about health needs and nutrition. It is very useful in the out town where women is aware about their health needs is very low. Further they are informed about various kinds of health related schemes formed and executed by the Government Departments for welfare of the women and child.