School Education awareness is a major key for the success in the area of environmental protection. Small individual contribution of the school students will have a positive effect to learn at an early age to care and protect our environment.

Pragati Sarv Kalyan Samiti (PSKS) has spent several years working with environmental education and promotion of sustainable uses of natural resources. PSKS has been implemented programs and environmental education campaigns in various fields like solid waste management, climate change, desertification of land and deforestation, pollution etc .

Our School Environment Education Program (SEEP) is a creative and enhanced program, event based, training orientation, outdoor learning, Awareness & Motivation and firsthand knowledge about environment. It is a wide vision for school students through School Environment Education Program (SEEP). It helps maximize their potential as a learning environment.



  • More than 350 school students of 10 schools of district-Lucknow have been educated for importance of the forest, their role, planting preparation, and other activities are be explained. From each school, 04 teachers are selected as coordination and are to be trained for continuing the program.
  • For creating mini forest, provision of sapling, compost making and maintenance of trees and replanting. More than 60 sapling are to be planted in around the each school compound.
  • Programs such as painting, quizzes, debate, dramas on environment issues have been performed by the students.
  • During this period more than 50 education aids like poster, calendar, books, T-Shirt etc. is distributed to selected school.
  • We have covered about 50 villages of district-Lucknow, Unnao and Lakhimpur to propagate environment education. During this period 50 campaign and motivation training program has been successfully conducted on climate change, biodiversity conservation and solid waste management.
  • “Swachh Bharat Mission- Making India Clean” program is being conducted by the society in district-Lucknow to make road, street, mohalla/colony clean and healthy. Under this program in rural areas of the district, we have organized 25awareness & motivation camps to promote habit flush toilets.